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Our Approach

Metro Roller Hockey League (MRHL) is committed to providing a family orientated & fun environment where children of different ages and skill levels can flourish in an enjoyable and safe sports environment. 

Our founder Patrick Simms has been around ice hockey and roller hockey for many years, growing up, and is now re-living the same joy, fun & experiences with his children. 

MRHL's vision is to help each league member enhance their hockey skills in playing a game they love, while promoting  life skills – ConfidenceLeadership, & Teamwork.

Our Story

After having a conversation with one of his kids one day about roller hockey, Patrick thought

“What a great idea to start a youth roller hockey league, right here in Halifax, that is both fun  and affordable ”. 

 He felt it was time to give the game of roller hockey a new face and use his 30+ year’s love of the game to helping everyone enjoy the game of roller hockey to its fullest.

Our Team

MRHL has had sucess with our fantastic volunteer board members for our non profit organization. Without our volunteers past and present we would not be able to grow this sport in Halifax, NS.

Introducing our fantastic team:

Patrick Simms, President- Presides at league meetings, and assumes full responsibility for the operation of the local league. The president receives all mail, supplies, and other communications from Roller Hockey Canada and Canada Inline. The president must see to it that league personnel is properly briefed on all phases of rules, regulations, and policies of the league.  

Danny Eisener, Vice President-  Works with board  members and community partners; carries out such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President. 

Cara Simms, Treasurer/Secretary- Maintains a register of members and directors; records the minutes of meetings; is responsible for sending out notice of meetings and maintains a record of league’s activities.  Dispenses league funds as approved by the President and/or Board of Directors; reports on the status of league funds; keeps  financial records; prepares budgets and assumes the responsibility for all league finances.  Sets up and manages league’s official website; sets up online registration. 

Flo Eaton- League Information Officer/Safety Coordinator ( On leave 2024)- Assigns members to teams,  online administrative rights to other local volunteers; delegates Team Linkt access to coaches,  ensures that league news and scores are updated online on a regular basis;  coordinates all safety activities; coordinates reporting and prevention of injuries; solicits suggestions for making conditions safer; reports suggestions to the league president.

Jim Reynolds - Referee-in-chief-Serves as coordinator of and advises the league President on the league officating program; responsible for recommending officials  to the league President for appointment to the league officals roster; recruiting and retaining officials; delivery of  league official  training program as per Roller Hockey Canada guidelines;  scheduling league officials for games.

Mike Duggan- Coaching Coordinator-Assist with  coach identification for each team. Distributes training materials to coaches.  Serves as liaison with team coaches for inquires. 

Tara MacDonald- NEW for 2024 League Information Officer Assigns members to teams,  online administrative rights to other local volunteers; delegates Team Linkt access to coaches,  ensures that league news and scores are updated online on a regular basis; 

Carolyn Doucet- New for 2024 Volunteer Coordinator/Fundraising coordinator Assist with scheduling volunteers during the season, strategic planning for fundraising activities. 

 If you have any questions please do not hestitate to ask any MRHL board member during the season, talking to our players, Parents and Fans makes our day!

We always are looking for volunteers. If you are interested please contact us.

Interested in Volunteering? Contact US