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4 on 4 

Non Contact

No Offsides

All games will fit into a one hour time slot

Games will all be played location TBD

Games will be played on predetermined nights of the week.  

Week night games will start at 6:00 pm and end as late as 10:00 pm

Game-Play Time:

All games will consist of:

- 5 min warm up, which will start at the scheduled game time or as the previous teams leaves the floor. Example: If your scheduled game time is 8:00 pm and the previous game finishes at 7:58, your warm up still starts at 8:00 pm. If the previous game ends at 8:02, you will still get a proper 5 min warm up once the previous teams leave the floor.

NOTE: *we do not make warm up exceptions for players / goalies who are late*

- 2  X 24 min run time periods.

- 1 minute intermission

Please gather your pucks quickly at the end of warm up as this helps to keep everything on track. You will all get some of the late games in the week and the more organized everyone is, the better the whole thing keeps up.

League- Code of Conduct:

Metro Roller Hockey League has a  ZERO tolerance stand against all forms of maltreatment, bullying, harrassment including  verbal, physical, social, and sexual harrassment.  Any reports of this breach in code of conduct will be follow up by a Board Member of MRHL and could lead to removal from the league. 


Any player or team who is found to be causing damage or harm to the facility will be subject to a fine. We are doing our best to bring you a quality place to play. If you choose to wreck it, you will be held responsible.

Roller Hockey Canada Official Rule Book Roller Hockey Canada Official Rulebook